Yesterday’s lunch. Had no dinner as I’m not feeling great.

Breakfast! Eggs inside my soldier egg cup surrounded by a toast and mushroom fortress and a bean moat to help protect his bacon flags. 

I am a child inside

Day 2 lunch tuna pasta and salad


stop telling fat people that they shouldn’t call themselves fat

stop telling us that “fat” is a bad word

stop telling us that our state of being is a fucking insult

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A question for the healthies


So with Slimming World you have to ‘syn’ blended fruit… For all the newbies to Slimming World that means you have to count it as your naughty stuff for the day… Your fatty calories basically.

Apparently this is because it’s less work to digest as opposed to the fruit in it’s natural form. So what I’m asking is should I not have any more syns today? I really fancy something for dessert but I won’t have anything if there’s a chance my smoothie was highly calorific!

Some people count it and some people don’t, same as tweaks, it’s whatever works best for your body. The reason it’s synned is because 1, you would out wayy more fruit into a smoothie then you would usually eat in a sitting, and 2, it apparently changes the structure and speeds up the digestive process, so it doesn’t keep you as full for as long as eating the fruit normally. I would count it but have a free desert! Some yoghurt or half a syn cake is a good idea :)


Having a night in with #Netflix ♥

Muscle soreness or discomfort that occurs 24 to 48 hours after exercise is normal, particularly if the exercise involved a high amount of eccentric work (e.g., downhill running, resistance training, landing after jumping) or activities you are unaccustomed to performing. There are, however, occasions when the pain or discomfort can mean that something more serious is going on. If you have any of the following symptoms you shouldn’t exercise until it improves or you are cleared for exercise by a medical professional. 
No pain, no gain No pain, no pain!

Breakfast. “Pancake” with greek yoghurt and frozen blueberries and raspberries. Synfreeee #slimmingworld #goodeats
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